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  • A nice back country rainbow. - <p>A nice back country rainbow.</p>

    A nice back country rainbow.

  • Dishing up breakfast before heading out fishing.  - <p>Dishing up breakfast.</p>

    Dishing up breakfast.

  • A good catch. - <p>A good catch.</p>

    A good catch.

  • Where did he go ? - <p>Where did he go ?</p>

    Where did he go ?

  • A good start. - <p>A good start.</p>

    A good start.

  • Sara with a great quinnat salmon. - <p>Sara with a great quinnat salmon.</p>

    Sara with a great quinnat salmon.

  • Sara and Anny enjoying themselves. - <p>Sara and Anny&nbsp;enjoying themselves.</p>

    Sara and Anny enjoying themselves.

  • Blind casting can be productive... - <p>Blind casting can be productive...</p>

    Blind casting can be productive...

  • ...a nice rainbow. - <p>...a nice rainbow.</p>

    ...a nice rainbow.

  • About to be released. - <p>About to be released.</p>

    About to be released.











A back country experience enables you to “get away from it all” and wake in the morning to the clean fresh mountain air.


To get up in the morning and be within metres of a clear mountain stream is a real treat. Nothing to do but have breakfast and start fishing!


We have all the camping gear needed.


If a campout is booked and the weather is not suitable we can easily make alternative arrangements to either:


-stay in Wanaka or a nearby town and do day trips


-stay at a remote camping ground with cabins and do day trips from there.



Cost for campout is :                                       


One or two people NZ$200/ night*



*The campout cost is additional to the daily guiding rate


Campout includes :                       


 -all the food for the stay e.g. 1 night campout includes lunch on the first day, dinner, breakfast and lunch on the second day.


-all the camping equipment necessary: quality sleeping bags, tents (if a hut is not used), mattresses, cooking equipment and I have warm clothing/jackets available if needed. 


-courtesy 4WD transport if we drive and camp.  If we fly in and camp the cost of the helicopter is additional. 



Example 1:  2 days fishing  /  1 night campout for 1 person


 2 days guided fishing for 1 angler @$750  =  $1500


plus 1 night campout @$200  = $ 200


Total ……............. $1700



Example 2:  2 days fishing  /  1 night campout for 2 people



 2 days guided fishing for 2 anglers @$795  = $1590


plus 1 night campout @$200= $200


Total……………………… $1790



For each addition night add 1 days guiding and 1 night campout.