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  • A scenic flight can be combined with a days heli-fishing. - <p>Scenic flight&nbsp;combined with a days heli-fishing.</p>

    Scenic flight combined with a days heli-fishing.

  • The magic carpet arrives to take us home after a great day !  - <p>The magic carpet&nbsp;arrives.</p>

    The magic carpet arrives.

  • The scenery is spectacular. - <p>The helicopter flight is spectacular.</p>

    The helicopter flight is spectacular.

  • Olivine Falls. - <p>Olivine Falls.</p>

    Olivine Falls.

  • Taking a break. - <p>Taking a break.</p>

    Taking a break.

  • She's off like a rocket . - <p>She's off like a rocket .</p>

    She's off like a rocket .

  • A good start for Steve Jones.JPG - <p>A good start for Steve Jones.</p>

    A good start for Steve Jones.

  • A family day out . - <p>A Family day out .</p>

    A Family day out .

  • Kim Stewarts' first NZ trout ...a 6lb brown ! - <p>Kim Stewarts' first NZ trout.</p>

    Kim Stewarts' first NZ trout.

  • Heli fishing opens up all sorts of opportunities. - <p>All sorts of opportunities.</p>

    All sorts of opportunities.

  • Some trout try every trick in the book to get off . - <p>Some trout are very cunning&nbsp;...</p>

    Some trout are very cunning ...

  • Patience pays off. 34 inches long,  10 1/4lbs. - <p>Patience pays off.</p>

    Patience pays off.

  • Quick, safe and sure beats walking . - <p>Quick, safe and spectacular.</p>

    Quick, safe and spectacular.

  • Fiordland cliff. - <p>Fiordland cliff.</p>

    Fiordland cliff.

  • Over the hill, around the corner,  there is always a river...somewhere . - <p>Over the hill&nbsp;...</p>

    Over the hill ...

  • A magnificent 9 lb brown caught on a dry fly. Retirement isn't so bad after all. - <p>Retirement isn't so bad after all&nbsp;.&nbsp;</p>

    Retirement isn't so bad after all . 

  • Back country stream. - <p>Back country stream.</p>

    Back country stream.

  • Return to Silverpine. - <p>Return to Silverpine.</p>

    Return to Silverpine.






The usual means of transport is by courtesy four wheel drive motor vehicle.



Helicopter or fixed wing aircraft are available and provide quick, safe access to more remote wilderness rivers and streams.



This form of transport provides an exciting way to experience truly wilderness New Zealand.



The cost is additional to the guiding rate and varies depending on traveling time. Prices start at about NZ$1400.00 for 1 or 2 clients .



A quote can be arranged if you are interested.